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Vila Peng produces unique print concepts and patterns for a diverse array of surfaces, applications, and settings. Through papers, textile, stainless steel, glass, wood, ceramics e.g. for interiors, fashion items and premium gifts. At the heart of each project lies a distinctive voice and a unique aesthetic.

Pattern with No Borders

We offer bespoke services and licensing for brands and individuals who want to commission special pieces or exclusive installations. From design to production. Whether it is printed, sewn, embroidered, digitally displayed, or engraved, embossed the potential for creating the perfect print knows no borders.

+ Wall Coverings
+ Wall Decor
+ Partition
+ Stainless Steel Door & Desk 
+ Fabrics
+ Decorative Home Accessories
+ Luxe beddings
+ Tiles
+ Exhibition
+ Waiting Area
+ Premium Gifts
+ Packaging

Welcome any creative collaborations!
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